We believe that being a responsible business and corporate citizen is an integral part of environmental stewardship. And we make it a point to work with suppliers who feel that way, too. Shaw Floors, one of our key manufacturers, states—and we agree—that the health and safety of a company’s employees and the welfare of the communities where we live and work are part of an overall commitment to improving the lives of those around us. As they put it, “There’s really nothing greener than taking care of ourselves and others.”

We find Shaw’s innovations and efforts to be a good example for other companies, and we’re proud to be associated with them. Here are some of the positive things they do:

Social / Community Responsibility

Employees of Shaw are active participants in a wide variety of organizations and programs that benefit their communities. For example, their employees give generously to United Way each year, and the company makes an additional corporate gift. Year after year, Shaw heads the list of corporate donors, and the company’s total contribution usually represents more than a third of all money collected in the yearly area campaign. Other Shaw corporate and employee programs help improve the quality of life in their communities and elsewhere through conservation, recycling, diversity, mentoring, and fund-raising activities.


Shaw’s Corporate Diversity Initiative is another example of corporate social responsibility that values, respects, and embraces the attributes and contributions of all employees.

Safety and Well-Being of Employees

In addition to community outreach, Shaw supports its employees through health programs and events and training opportunities, designed to enhance the health and well-being of all, and to promote self-improvement and career advancement.

Shaw has received numerous awards and abundant recognition for its environmental stewardship and support of community causes. Among the more notable:

2008—A Founding Reporter of THE CLIMATE REGISTRY

2007—Vendor Green Steps Award from Sherwin-Williams

2007—Seal of Sustainability from the Sustainable Business Institute

2006—Global Society of Plastic Engineers Design for Sustainability Award

2005—California WRAP (Waste Reduction Awards Program) Award

2005—Environmental Protection Agency Certificate for Cooperative conservation

2005—General Services Administration Evergreen Award in the Furnishings Category

2005—North Carolina Sustainability Award, Product Stewardship Category

2003—EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Award

1999—Governor’s Award of Pollution Prevention (Georgia)

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